(as amended from the 2007 version and approved at the Annual General Meeting May 2016)


  1. The Association shall be called Avon County Short Mat Bowling Association (ACSMBA)



2.1         To promote, manage and maintain the Short Mat game in the old administrative County of Avon (see 4.1)

2.2          (i) To conduct and control County Championships for all disciplines of the Short Mat game, which shall be open to all Affiliated Clubs of the Association.

(i) To conduct and control Open Competitions

2.3         To support the formation of a County Team which will be largely self governing, electing from within its own members, a Captain and Selectors

2.4         To act at all times in the best interests of its Members and to resolve where necessary any disputes amongst its Members.



3.1         The Association shall be affiliated to the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) and all play shall be governed by its rules, as set down in the current Rule Book.



4.1         Membership of the ACSMBA shall be open to all Clubs within the old Avon Boundaries as defined on the attached map, covering Bristol City, North Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) and South Gloucestershire (S. Glos.) as agreed with the ESMBA.

4.2         Any Individual playing competitively must be registered with the ESMBA.



5.1         Membership is terminated if a Club

i) Resigns.

ii) Fails to pay the relevant Subscription.

iii) Is excluded by the Management Committee.

Iv) There is a right of appeal to the ESMBA.



6.1         Subscriptions shall be due annually on the 1st June. The rate for Membership shall be discussed by the Management Committee and voted upon be the Members at the A G M each year.

6.2         Clubs which have paid their subscriptions shall be called “Affiliated Clubs”








7.1         The Association shall be managed by a Committee of not more than 12 registered members from Affiliated Avon Clubs, with a maximum of not more than 3 members per Affiliated Club. The Committee shall include a Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

7.2         They shall be elected at the AGM of the Association and shall hold office until the next AGM. In the event of there being no longer available to hold office, any of the 3 named posts may be filled between AGMs by an election within the Management Committee.

7.3         Nominations for the Management Committee may be submitted in writing to the Secretary prior to the AGM, or may be taken from the floor of the AGM. They must be proposed and seconded and assent to nomination. Retiring Members shall be eligible for re-election.

7.4         The duties of the Management Committee shall be to administer, manage and control the Association.

7.5         Any disputes arising between individual players or Clubs shall be referred to a Disputes Panel. The Panel shall consist of 3 members of the Management Committee each from different Clubs. A neutral Secretary shall be appointed to record the deliberations. None of the 3 Panel members shall be members of any Club involved in the dispute. The Disputes Panel decision shall be final.

7.6         There is a right of appeal to the ESMBA.



8.1         The AGM shall be held in the month of April or May each year, giving sufficient time for the Association’s accounts to be examined.

8.2         Business to be transacted at the AGM will be as follows:

i) Minutes of previous AGM

ii) Consideration of the reports submitted by the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Competitions Secretary and the Inter-County Competition Captain

iv) Election of Officers, Management Committee and Independent Examiner.

v) Motions for consideration shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least one month prior to the date of the AGM. No other business shall be discussed unless notified to the Secretary in writing before the AGM, and then only at the discretion of the Management Committee.

vi) Members who play at more than one Club may only have a vote for the Club through which they register with the E. S. M. B. A. (See also 10.1)



9.1         Special General Meetings may be called by the Management Committee or at the request of at least 60% of Registered Clubs. The notice calling such a meeting shall specify the purpose for which it is called, and no other business shall be transacted at that meeting. The SGM shall be convened by the Secretary of the Management Committee, within 21 days after receipt of the requisition.



10.1       Only registered Members of Affiliated Avon Clubs are entitled to vote at Meetings of the Association with the exception of the Chairman. All questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote. Each Member shall have one vote but there shall be no more than 2 votes per Club. At an ordinary Committee Meeting, where a person belongs to more than one Club, the total number of votes from any one Club shall not exceed three votes. In the case of an equality of vote the Chairman shall have a casting vote.




11.1       All monies raised for and on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the objects of the Association and to assist in its development and growth.

11.2       The Honorary Treasurer shall keep a proper accounts ledger, petty cash vouchers, receipt book, bank account, invoices, cheque book and bank statements on behalf of the Association.

11.3       The accounts shall be examined at least once a year by the Association’s Independent Examiner. The financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

11.4       A Statement of Accounts shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the AGM.

11.5       The Management Committee shall open Bank Accounts in the name of the ACSMBA. Cheques to be signed by two out of three named Officers.

11.6       The Treasurer shall negotiate terms for the full insurance of equipment and personal liability

11.7       The Treasurer shall maintain an Inventory of all equipment owned by the Association and a copy be kept by the Secretary in the Minute Book. A copy should be available at any time.



12.1       A minute book shall be kept by the Secretary who shall enter therein a record of all meetings.



13.1       Any changes to alter the Constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the Meeting at which it is to be considered.



14.1       AGM; Special or Extraordinary General Meetings; Changes to Constitution Meetings; and Dissolution Meetings shall require a minimum of 12 Registered Members from at least 4 Affiliated Clubs to form a quorum.

14.2.      Management Committee Meetings shall require a minimum of 7 members of the Committee to form a quorum.

14.3       Changes to the Constitution and Dissolution of the Association shall require all Registered Clubs and Members to be invited to the appropriate Meeting and the decision shall be made by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.




15.1       lf at any time the Management Committee for any reason decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the ACSMBA it shall call a Special General meeting of the Registered Clubs and Members, giving not less than 21 days written notice stating the reasons for such a dissolution.

15.2       In the event of the Meeting confirming the decision to dissolve the Association then the assets shall be advertised and sold to interested parties, all proper debts and liabilities settled and the resultant residue either be made up by existing Affiliated Clubs (in the event to the Association owing money) or distributed equally among current Affiliated Clubs (in the event of a surplus).

15.3       The meeting may also decide that if the resulting money is too negligible to divide between the Clubs then it should be given to a charity or charities nominated at that Meeting